What's New


Layer List Filter

Implementing a way to filter the Layer List was seen as a hugely beneficial feature to implement, in order to improve the user experience by allowing end users to save valuable time by easily find the layers they're looking for, rather than needing to scroll to try and find it.

End users can now filter the list of layers displayed in the Layer List using a keyword search.

See Layer Filter for more information.

Option to display
'No Basemap'

With the use of basemaps becoming more and more popular, a new option to display 'no basemap' has been implemented which will replace the previous 'Blank basemap' functionality.

See Basemaps for more information.


The Distance and Area measurement tools have been enhanced to include the option to toggle bearings, as a means of displaying the direction of the measurement segments.

For example, the bearing between Point 1 and Point 2 in the image on the right is 200°, between Point 2 and Point 3 is 110° and so on.

See Measurement Tools for more information.

Copy Coordinates

When using the Coordinate Tool, users would previously need to manually highlight and copy the generated X and Y values if they wanted to copy the coordinates of a location on the map.

Users can now copy the coordinate values to the clipboard with one single click.

See Coordinate Tool for more information.