If configured by an administrator, Application Links and Selection Links are also included in the Title Bar.

Application Link

An Application Link is used to create either a simple link from IntraMaps, via an additional button in the Title Bar, to a web page (URL) or a link to Google Earth or a Point Integration Link.

Note: Administrators will generally apply a more suitable icon rather than the default icon pictured.

Selection Link

A Selection Link is used to enable integration between IntraMaps and another applications where IntraMaps is the calling application.

A Selection Link is configured against a specific Selection Layer and is only enabled when a selection exists in IntraMaps.

When a user clicks on the link in IntraMaps, it will open the URL configured and append to the query string the path of an XML file containing the Mapkey(s) of the selected object(s). The URL is typically a web page containing server side scripting to process and send the Mapkey(s) to the other application in order to select the associated record(s).